Just a quick note to share some cool stuff from the last week or so, and some learnings from it.

Life is good. I just got off the plane on the weekend from a crazy trip to Las Vegas for a high level mastermind with Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern and Perry Belcher (Don’t miss the keynote at the Digital Marketing Summit as I’m going to summarise the best stuff I learned from those guys this year plus much more).

I made a rookie level mistake in Vegas and went to an all day pool party called ‘Rehab’ at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino the day before the mastermind started. Even though I had good intentions of being well behaved, that kind of didn’t happen – I’m not sure if it was that desert air or that last drink of the day but I ended up a bit messy 🙂 A hang over at the start of a 4 day mastermind wasn’t my smartest or finest moment 🙂

Once back in Sydney I worked a day or two, then on Wednesday I went into Google head office in the morning for a quarterly update on what has recently changed in the world of Adwords and mobile.

Then in the afternoon I went surfing and hanging out with James Schramko in Manly. I love the ‘Entrepreneur’ business, when days like this are legit ‘work’.

Surfing with James Schramko

James said a couple of things that stuck with me. The first was a bit fun. I asked him ‘do you think it’s OK if I leave my board outside your garage here?’ to which he replied ‘yep, no one will steal that, as they’d struggle to even get 50 bucks for it’. We laughed about it and then I took a mental note ‘get new surfboard, tick’. Although I am quite attached to my old long board.

But the day wasn’t all just ridiculing my outdated surfing equipment from the 90’s. We shared with each other a lot of ‘what’s working now’ type stuff and we spoke about the businesses that we work with.

I asked James something that I really wanted to share with you. I asked him ‘If you 80/20 it down to why a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs don’t get the results that they want from their online marketing efforts, why do you think that is?’

Without a seconds hesitation he replied “that’s easy – they don’t invest enough in their education to fast track their results, and secondly when they do learn something new they don’t implement it fast enough to get advantages from it before the landscape changes again”.

I remember thinking that what he said was an ‘inconvenient truth’. I’ve now reached the point where people keep telling me ‘I’ve got lucky’ to reach the results and lifestyle that I now am blessed with. But the reality is LUCK is ‘Labour Under Correct Knowledge’. When I think about it I’ve invested well over $100k in my education to fast track my results and I implement with speed and precision.

This really begs the question – are you investing more in your knowledge and mindset to fast track your results greater than your competitors, and are you taking massive action?

If you want more success and better results than you are currently getting then come join James and I and a host of other really smart marketers at the upcoming Digital Marketing Summit in Sydney in November. Invest 2 solid days in bringing your knowledge up date with the very latest stuff and set yourself up for a massive 2015.

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Cheers, Greg