I’ve known James Schramko for many years and he’s always impressed me not only because he’s wickedly smart in so many areas of Digital Marketing and Business. James lives and breaths the 80/2o principles and gets amazing results with very minimal effort. James has designed the ultimate lifestyle for himself from running a hugely profitable business generating over a million dollars profit each year, that only requires him to have to work ‘in’ his business for minimal time.

If you want to know the shortcuts and fail proof methods to a profitable business, that also gives you the ultimate work-life balance, then you’ll get amazing value out of this session ‘Owning The Racecourse’ by James. This session will show you some of the very best stuff James has found to work (so you get to bypass all the mistakes he has learned from) to get your business to an insanely profitable level by creating your own ‘compounding web asset’, with the most efficiency and minimal effort possible.

owning the racecourse digital marketing summit

Here’s the highlights:

James Schramko’s background and ‘cracking the code’ [0.57]

Money, time and creative freedom [2.37]

Creating your own compounding web asset [3.47]

A marathon, not a sprint [4:46]

The biggest mistake almost all marketers are making [5.34]

Own the racecourse + (Hunter/farmer analogy) [6:34]

Setting the train tracks (follow these for a fail proof formula) [8:57]

Get your own platform (+ examples) [10:08]

Mobile responsiveness and why it’s a must [10:50]

Exactly what to put on your website to capture the most people [11:15]

Hooks/offers/products (pick your best material and give it away) [12:35]

Logistics/web design behind sending out your offer/product [13.54]

Other crucial website design elements that convert [19:19]

Podcasting ‘how to’ for maximum effect [25.23]

Ideas for Content [37:05]

Producing your content (for maximum quality without the cost or headache) [45.26]

Publish and promote your content [56:15]

Measure [59:22]

How to have an amazingly profitable business and a life at the same time [61:01]

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