What Makes You Money Vs What Makes You Happy

Coolness Factor

Julia from our team, this morning she was just asking about ‘coolness factor’, it’s one of the things I talk about a bit. I had a consult with a guy this morning, he’s doing between $150-$200 million a year and I’m helping him with some digital marketing.

He was talking about some different things he could add into his business that could make him more money. I actually asked him, “What would make you really happy? Would adding those additional income streams, yeah not doubt they’ll make you more money, but would they make you happy?”

We talked about the Coolness Factor – we talk about this coolness factor with every business and what it is is coolness factor = income / stress. 

We look at business in multiple different ways. As you add different things in or take things away, you want to look at it as are they increasing your income and are they decreasing your stress. If you can get those two things working, where you’re increasing your income and you’re decreasing your stress then you get an awesome coolness factor. 

I also find sometimes you have to get rid of old things out of your business to increase your coolness factor. So give it some though, ask yourself how’s the coolness factor in your business?