The Single Most Important Skill You Need to Have…

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Ed is a master coach and mentor to thousands of successful entrepreneurs world wide. He’s helped over 300,000 people get started online and build their digital businesses. Ed packed up his family and moved across the globe to invest in his knowledge and education studying under Gary’s teachings.

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Focus Points For Part Two Of This Presentation:

Ed hired Gary Halbert (copywriting legend) exclusively to work with him on copywriting and content. Here are the lessons of Copywriting Mastery Part One:

  1. Seperate Creating From Editing
  2. Break The Story
  3. Interview Your Copy
  4. The Vomit Draft
  5. Great Artists Swipe!
  6. Show Don’t Tell
  7. The Hook Will Emerge – Guaranteed
  8. 21st Century Halbert
  9. Crowd Funding & Dry Testing