The question that’s been coming in a lot lately is, how have we been leveraging Amazon’s global infrastructure to roll out winners around the world?

A lot of people think that you need multiple winning products to create a million dollar business and certainly it does help, but the reality is you can get on one winning product and then roll it out around the globe.

Amazon has such big dominance. In the U.S they take as much as 49% of all ecommerce, all online sales. So as they’re growing, if you’ve got your products on there, you continue to grow as well.

If you’re wondering, ‘do I start in the U.S or start in Australia, if I’m based in Australia?  There’s no right or wrong answer on that, but certainly the U.S is much, much bigger. So here’s what we have found to work really, really well.:

We started in the U.S and then from there once we had our products listed and Amazon FBA, shipping them out for us, we then cloned that process to Canada and then into Mexico.

The U.S and Canada have their own ads platforms which made it easier to amplify. Mexico, didn’t have an ads platform. (It’s very similar to Australia, so it’s hard to get that same momentum.)

From there, we were able to quickly clone it off to the UK and all of Europe.

Europe does get a little bit tricky because you get into some different languages, so Italian, Spanish, German, French were all the countries we were dealing with. In this case, you do need to do some translations of some of your listings, but certainly you can go global with just a little bit of admin effort and a little bit of translation effort and then maybe some proofreading later to figure out where it’s at. We’ve done that all in the space of 12 months and I really believe that you can too

Coming up, we’re working on cloning across to Australia and also Japan.

I’m going to be going into this in big depth at the upcoming Digital Marketing Evolution Event, so come along and we’ll share with you our story of how we went from scratch to $1.17 Million in sales in our first year online (and I really do believe it’s a duplicatable thing). I’m also going to show you the fastest hack that I did that got rid of a whole bunch of trial and error and got me onto a winner straightaway.

I’d love to hear about your success with Amazon. Hopefully what I’ve shared will get you thinking about Amazon as another revenue stream for your e-commerce business.

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon.