Since starting out in 2006 Matt and Amanda Clarkson have been able to create business through e-bay that makes money each month literally while they sleep. Ive known Matt for many years and he has also become an excellent direct response marketer as well as eCommerce expert.

In this presentation, Matt teaches you the formula for how to get eBay cranking in your business and also what other channels are on the rise worth considering. This session really shows you a multi-channel eCommerce architecture that you could use apply to your Ecommerce business.

Multi-channel Ecommerce by Matt Clarkson

Here’s the highlights:

The timeline of change (47% of all existing jobs will be non-existent in 20 years) [5:33]

What can we do about it [8:10]

eBay (the way we do it and why to start here) [9:05]

How the chain works (cut out the middle man, create new income opportunity [13:21]

8 considerations for choosing the right products to import [15:50]

What is private labelling? [24:10]

Finding suppliers [25:03]

Outsource the warehouse and shipping [26:20]

The old way versus the new way [29:15]

Local eBay strategies [32:04]

Mastering the eBay search engine [34.30]

Global eBay strategies UK and US [36:03]

Build a database & build trust [40:28]

Build a website that actually sells [45:05]

Amazon…could it be your next BIG move? [47:35]

Amazon…could it be your next SMART move? [50:17]

Ecommerce website strategies for a products based business [51:13]

Position yourself as an authority for success [52:17]

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