I travel all over the world both on business and with my family as tourists. Even when on holidays as an Entrepreneur it’s very hard to turn off the ‘business and marketing’ mind once its started.

On a recent trip to California with my wife Jules and the Kids I took these product shots to share with you.  These are some funny crazy products for a bit of a laugh.

Bigger is better so they say, but a yard is 91cm – who needs 91cm of Twix bar?

How about a gummy bear as big as your head?

I think we all agree its important to get as much sugar into children’s diets as possible.  Well what better way than buying Candy / Lollies in Cereal Box size.

This is just what every kid needs to help with good behaviour and health : )

You have heard the saying ‘A Can of Worms’, well now you have seen the product as well.

San Francisco is famous for it’s Harbor Seals on Pier 39.  Not you can get them in a tin.

I was very relieved to see it was just for shock value and not the real thing.

I can’t imagine myself ever eating a sour sweet called ‘Toxic Waste’ but it must sell or they wouldn’t keep making it.


I found these to be very stylish but not very comfortable when worn for longer periods of time.

This Santakini is ideal for standing out at your next work Christmas party. I’ve got one for The Collective Christmas mastermind party which I’m sure will be a big hit this year. It’s great that it comes with the Santa hat, as otherwise it would be just a Borat style Mankini.

Here is a product that may compliment it well to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

For something different you could try the liquid filled ‘Sour Toro Balls’.

But they are not for everyone – not to worry, they have ‘Camel Balls’ as well, for those who prefer them instead.


This is a must for the facilities at your home or office as no one should have to go to the toilet without playing basketball at the same time.


This was a favourite for my 8 and 11 year old boys – not that I think they need them based off their recent performances around the house.


If the farts do get out of control, its not a problem.  That’s what ‘Fart Extinguishers’ are for.


While we are on the subject of bodily functions – Maybe you just need some more fiber in your diet.  Why not try new ‘Colon Blow’ cereal?

This one I was particularly interested in but unfortunately my wife wasn’t keen. You have to admit though at $30 it’s a good buy.


I hope you got some good laughs out of that. I’d love to hear your thoughts, please let me know your favourite or favourites if you can’t settle for just one of those essential products.

Here’s to having fun on the journey

Greg Cassar