How To Get Out Of Your Day Job & Create The Lifestyle You Want & Deserve…

Every morning when I wake up early, around 5.30am, I make myself a coffee, check my ‘go-to’ apps (weather, wind and swell) and plan my day around those. If the surf looks good, I do a couple of hours work before the family rises, then I do the kids drop-off and head out for a surf. Come back, get stuck into working ‘on’ the business in the morning and ‘in’ the business in the afternoon.

At knock off, I take the kids to the pool or beach with my wife Jules and dog Bruce, then settle back in on the coach after dinner – just like modern family. Not bad for a ‘days pay’ right? The point of sharing this with you is to show you an example of what getting out of your day job could look like.

My days didn’t always look like this, especially when I was an ’employee’ and tied to a company. Prior to working for myself, I worked for multiple different companies, mainly in IT and marketing. I’ve dealt with working for bosses with multiple personalities, working for and with bullies, putting in huge hours with little to no reward or appreciation – none of which I’d like to ever experience again.

My questions for you are:

  • How Bad is the Hurt?
  • What’s Your Why?

Unfortunately, the reality is most people want things but are not willing to do anything about getting them. However, for me, the hurt was bad enough and the why was big enough for me to take action and make changes for myself and my family.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant, teaches the four main models for getting money – E – Employee, S – Self Employed, B- Business Owner and I – Investor. Moving through the quadrants ultimately comes down to a change of who you are at the core; how you think and how you view the world. You must master the mindset of a quadrant, not just the skill set, to truly succeed.

What You Need To Focus On:

  • What was your income last month?
  • What do you want your income to be?
  • How much is it costing you to not know this training? [I’ve give you a hint, it’s what you want your income to be minus what you income currently is]
  • What do you need to cover your expenses now?
  • Build a business on the side – scale it up to cover your expenses before you take the leap of faith to leave your day job

5 Main Business Model Options:

  1. Service Business eg. Agency
  2. Coaching / Consultancy Business
  3. Information Business
  4. eCommerce Business
  5. SAAS (Software as a Service) Business