15 Key Learnings For The Journey

In Part One of this presentation, I showed you all the different options and models available to you. Now you know what your options are, which is a much better place then I was in when I first got started, I’ve got fifteen additional points I would encourage you to consider. Think of these next points as an onion, layers upon layers of learnings for your consideration and action.

My Key Learnings:

  1. Think Market not Product
  2. Always be Building the List
  3. Acquire Customers at Speed
  4. Create Valuable ‘Helpful’ Media
  5. Build a ‘Brand’ – not just ‘Build a Site That Ranks for Stuff We Can Sell’
  6. Have to Hustle
  7. Price Point Matters
  8. Have a Value Ladder
  9. Focus on 3 Machines
  10. Be Resilient
  11. Have Multiple Touches
  12. Have ‘Strategy’ not ‘Tactics’
  13. Build ‘Coolness’ Factor
  14. Profit Wedge
  15. Energy Units

Take some time to watch part two of this presentation where I dive deep into these 15 key learning I’ve experienced throughout the journey. I wish someone would have shared these with me when I was starting out. I’m glad I’m able to share them with you now though. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Educate yourself on common mistakes so you can avoid them. And lastly, have fun on the journey!