We Made A Whole Bunch Of Mistakes Along The Way But…

We kept learning from our mistakes, we kept investing in our knowledge and education to get better and better at what we were doing.

The Entrepreneurs Journey can be a lonely one, but it doesn’t have to be. Someone said to me the other day, ‘you know it’s easy for you, you have a list, you have traffic skills, you’ve got momentum and you’re known in the industry’. Personally, I don’t think anyone really smashes it out of the gate from the word go or has all those things straight away.

We have our own story, just as you would have.

Back before we started in this industry full-time, I remember we got to a point in our journey where we had a whole bunch of business owners asking us, ‘hey, would you mind giving us a hand with our marketing’. At the time I had my day job and so we had to make a decision. Do we quit the high paying IT day job and morph off to become a marketing agency?

There was one real catalyst for change. I had a client come to me in my day job, they needed a $300k IT package. I could see where they were headed and because I continued to invest in my sales and marketing education, I managed to upsell them to a $1.3m package that better suited their future growth. The deal was signed and the company told me I would be rewarded for my efforts. In short, I wasn’t rewarded a fair remuneration for creating a $1m upsell. Instead, I got a $200 Myer Gift Card that my wife went and spent on clothes.

That was the point I decided, if I want to create the freedom and future that I want for me and my family then I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands.

So we did, we created a marketing agency and were running our own online businesses as well. That is where the real journey of lessons and hard truths began. Watch the video above to hear about our stories of the highs and lows and why we never gave up.