We’ve been lucky to work with over 300 business owners now. And what we found is success leaves clues. So I’m going to share with you 10 traits or 10 things we see in the most successful business owners. I think this is worth writing down and giving yourself a bit of a scorecard as far as ‘how am I tracking on these things?’ Because if you’re missing any of them, then it may just be an opportunity to work on that area. This video is not about technology and assets which might surprise you. When it  actually comes down to it, these things I’m going to share with you are in fact the most important things because If you don’t have them in place, then the other stuff doesn’t happen.

#1 Clear Vision or Goal

Where do you want to go? If a space shuttle takes off and it’s going to go into the moon, if it doesn’t have clear coordinates, there’s no chance that it’s going to get there. So you really, really do need to know where you want to go and document it too.

#2 A Good Business Vehicle

And I’m talking about about driving around in Mazeratti.  An example would be Amazon because it’s leverage on a global scale. So in traditional business, you’re relying on selling in a market for example and then whoever came past that were your customers. Here,  we’re talking about, if we get on a winner, we can literally scale this thing around the world and very, very quickly, like within a year.

#3 Continual Learning

This is so, so, so important. I see some people that think once they get a certain way along, I’m too good. I don’t need to keep doing this stuff, I know it already. The most successful entrepreneurs are continual students and just keep getting better and better all the time.

#4 Ongoing Focus on Mindset

Your mindset is really your most important asset. Tony Robbins says, success is as much as 80% mindset. From my experience, I 100% agree with this.

#5 Manage Your Emotions

You might why I’m talking about emotions? The reason is because business isn’t all smooth sailing. You’ve got some real peaks and you’ve got some troughs. And the most successful business owners we meet, they actually manage their emotions like rolling hills instead of sharp climbs and steep decents.

#6 Be Resilient

Be willing to pick yourself up and keep going.

#7 Be Decisive

Actually decide you’re going to do it. The amount of people that I meet who are in, ‘research mode’ at the moment….. yeah, that’s great. But at some stage the rubber’s going to have to hit the road and you’ve actually got to do things…. you’ll fail, but fail forward and then learn and keep going. And success follows speed.

#8 Moved Forward with Speed

Which is really related to point #7. Make a decision and just make stuff happen. One of the most common things that I see is people work on everyone else’s business but they don’t focus on their own business first. The rich people pay themselves first with money and they pay themselves first with time. So your most, so like the first two hours of your day, don’t go to your inbox, don’t work on everyone else’s stuff. Work on your own business growth or your own mindset. You know, that kind of stuff pays off first with time.

#9 Leveraged Model

The model that I’m going to show you about, the reason we’ve been on the fast track on Amazon and made over $1 million in the first year on this platform, isn’t what everyone else is teaching. It’s actually sort of counter intuitive. And you’ll see why on my amazon blog post.

#10 Track and Measure

This is about cutting your, losers short and running your winners long. Really important especially in the digital advertising age. We all need to become essentially mini media buyers, and you can’t do this effectively without track and measure.