It’s time to let Google do the heavy lifting for you…

So Google Ads probably isn’t as sexy as Facebook ads these days in reality but what we find from day one, when we’re driving traffic, if you can get it right it’s still a proper money machine. For some of our best campaigns, for every $1 we put it, it spits out $26! And yes, that’s our best campaign all up, but it’s not uncommon with our other campaigns, for every $1 we put it, it spits out $6, $8, or $10.

You might be thinking, how are they doing that? Well part of it is we’ve doing Google Ads for a while now and we’re Google Premium Partners. But one of the biggest things we’re doing is we are letting Google do a lot of the heavy lifting for us, so Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning (ML) where it learns based on previous behaviours and it’s working really well!

There’s two main ways you can apply it:

One: Let Google do the entire campaign building for you; bidding, ad creative, landing pages etc – referred to as Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA).

When we think about all the DSA campaigns we’ve built over time, majority are getting lower cost per leads and lower cost per acquisitions  then we can get building the campaigns ourselves. The reason why is because when someone is searching on Google, Google knows does this person have a conversion history or not? And based on the results, they can show your ads just to people who have a history of converting.

Two: Making changes within individual campaign; can you change the configuration and settings so that Google is doing a lot of the smart thinking for you. 

One of the best ways is to change from CPC (cost per click) and paying for every time someone clicks on your ad, now tell Google was your objective. So if your goal is to get leads, change your bidding strategy to be CPA (cost per acquisition), we want to be getting $12 leads or $8 leads and then let Google show it to the right people with a conversion history for you.

An additional tip for you is if you are doing Google Shopping, which is the Visual Ads for Physical Products that show up at the top of a Google search (which are absolutely amazing by the way) – use the bidding strategy ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) – it is incredible! You can say to Google, for every $1 I put in, I want you to get a 300% return on ad spend or an 400% return on ad spend or sometimes even a 700% or 800%.

The point is, get Google’s AI or ML working for you! From our experience, it’s absolutely amazing! Plus, it’s very very hard to beat the machine! So give it a go and let us know how you get on in the comments below.