From Our Most Recent Digital Marketing Summit…

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Focus Points In This Presentation:

In this presentation, Mike Rhodes shares about the number one reason we use AdWords in business ~ to grow profits. He shares real-life examples with real data and teaches you how to predict and delegate. Plus some insights into where Google is heading. Although this presentation is from the previous Digital Marketing Summit the concepts and rules of thought are still as relevant as ever.

  1. Remarketing
    • Virgin Australia Example
    • Cart Abandonment 
  2. Funky Sh#t
    • Time On Site 
    • Spend
    • ROAS [Return On Ad Spend]
  3. DSA ~ Dynamic Search Ads
    • Keyword Reporting
    • Google Algorithm
  4. RLSA ~ Remarketing Lists For Search Ads
    • Change Who And How You Show Your Ads
    • Bidding Adjustment
      • Best Keywords
      • Competitor Keywords
  5. DSA + RLSA ~ Combine The Two
    • License To Print Money