Facebook came out recently with some best practices based off a whole bunch of research they’ve done on how people are currently advertising.

For this blog, I’m talking about best practices around image ads versus video ads, specifically.

This One Tactic Can Get You 15 -17% More Conversions

What they found is that most people are still doing image ads, but if you add video ads into the mix, say within the same ad set, then you’re more likely to get conversions to the extent of an extra 15 – 17%, whether that’s leads or whether that’s sales. So there’s a good call to action on that piece of information….

If you’re just running image ads, make sure that you do video ads as well.

Video can seem a little bit daunting to people in that it can be hard to produce, but there is a whole bunch of tools out there that make it quick and easy these days.

The Perfect Video Dimensions you Need for Facebook and Instagram

To produce video, should you create a landscape video or do you produce portrait video or do you make it square?

And the reality is, you want to make it a square video for Facebook and ideally for Instagram as well.

We create videos to be square using the dimensions 1080 x 1080 px to optimise for mobile and that really does seem to be best practice because most people, (actually about 70 percent of video) is consumed on a mobile device. So the difference using the square dimensions of 108 x 1080 px is that it’s taking up most of the screen as opposed to if it’s set in landscape mode, it’s only taking up a fraction of the screens. The benefit of having your video fill up more of the screen realestate is that people really are more and more immersed with your content.  As a result, it’s no surprise that square videos have been proven to convert better. So what we know about how get the best conversion is:

1. We need to have a combination of of images and video and then;
2. We also need to create square video (1080 x 1080 px)