In Part 2 of Mastering Facebook To Become Brand Famous, we’re going to look at how to create video view campaigns and push our video blog content out in front of a ton of eyeballs that we think will resonate with or get value out of our content.

Step 7. Create A Video Post On Your Facebook Fan page.

Mastering Facebook To Become Brand Famous Part 2

We’re not embedding the YouTube video. We’re uploading the video straight into into Facebook and we’re just showing your post to go with the video, and then it’s got a URL link off to your blog. For example, a call to action with the URL could be something like “Check out the full video blog post here.”

It’s up to you if you include the whole video or just a subset of the video, but just be sure to include some summary text that describes what the video’s about.

Step 7B. Boost The Video Post

So we’ve got a video there, and then we want to boost it.

As far as how much money you put into the boost, that doesn’t really matter, it be as little as a dollar. And that’s because we’re only doing the boost so we can get the ‘learn more’ call to action button added onto the post by Facebook. The other reason why we want to do it this way, and not just create a video views campaign straight away and add the video in there instead, is because doing it this way allows us to easily moderate the comments below the video. It keeps them all in the one place, on that post that can be easily moderated from the fan page.

Step 8. Create A Video Views Campaign

Mastering Facebook To Become Brand Famous Part 2

So we’ve now created a video post saying, “Hey, this is a great piece of content. We really think that this will help you. Come back to the blog to see more ect.” And then we’ve now got an asset that we’re going to use in the video view campaign.

Now it’s time to set up the “Video Views” campaign. As I mentioned before the whole reason we’ve created the post first on the fan page is we can use that in the campaign, instead of creating an ad inside ads manager.

The other benefit aside from the learn more button and the ease of moderating comments is that you will get comments, likes and shares on that one post, as your ad is served which means over the course of the campaign it’s getting more and more and more social proof on the one post. It’s not getting shared around or broken up into multiple different posts as it would be if you create an ad in ads manager.

So let’s create a new campaign. We’re going to choose “Video Views.” “We want cheap video traffic” is basically what we’re saying to Facebook by choosing this option. And then we do our ads campaign like normal. So we chose our geographical circle, choose demographics, what they’re interested in ect. And then when we get up to the adset section, rather than writing an ad, this is a secret source. We’re going to say, “use an existing post.” by default it’s on this option that says “Create Ad,” so we just have to click that option beside that which says, “Use this existing post.” And then it says, okay, “This is your fan page. Now, what post do you want use?” And that video post that we just made, that’s the one that we choose. Does that make sense?

Mastering Facebook To Become Brand Famous Part 2

Mastering Facebook To Become Brand Famous Part 2

The Snow Ball Effect

Once you’re happy with how it looks and submit the Ad this is going to give us those three cents video views. And what it’s also doing is, as we put more and more and more of these out you get more people watching the videos which you can then build lists from and remarked to those people who have watched your videos. For example, at one point I was running 15 to 20 video ads, and this whole campaign only had a $15 daily budget. But over time it ended up with 300,000 or 400,000 different video views, and then there were a list of people who’d been watching our videos that we were able to remarket to.

The great thing about getting remarketing lists this way is, they didn’t even hit our website, they’ve just been watching our videos. So, then we were able to send other offers to them that may be relevant, “like free reports, free consults, free downloads. Essentially by engaging with them using great value content we were then able to move them down the sales cycle. So that’s how it works. That’s how to get really, really good video content out to a big audience cheaply and position yourself as leader in a certain space. It also has a flow on effect in that you can build remarketing lists from those who have watched your videos and engage with those prospects even further.