This Lesson Cost Me Over $30k & It’s Changed EVERYTHING!

What’s the difference between an ordinary offer and an outstanding offer? Well, last year we had an info product offer, I was giving away amazing value, over $250k invested and 10 years worth of experience consolidated into an online 8 week course but it didn’t fly the way we thought it would. The reason why is because we made a really, really big mistake, I’m talking about a $30k + mistake!

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Are you ready to know the ‘Why’?
Here you go –> Your Offer:

Has To Be An Opportunity Offer, Not An Improvement Offer!

Write that down! If you’re selling any kind of info product, course training, membership site, anything really other than a physical product, it has to be an opportunity for the customer, not an improvement offer.

Nearly everyone wants success. Everyone wants change in their life. But human nature and 97% of people, the masses, the general masses, they want it, but they’re not really willing to do anything about it – that is a fact. Which effectively means, people are lazy, so whilst an improvement might be what they “need”, it is often not what they “want”. Perry Belcher, a marketing coach of mine, told me, “Greg, really, only 2% or 3% of customers are likely to take it up if it’s an improvement offer.”

We had an “improvement offer”, Business Profit Accelerator, but it was about accelerating your business profits. It wasn’t about a completely new “opportunity.” We had an amazing marketing funnel, but the problem was it was lacking an “opportunity”.

If you think about what you’re selling, is this going to be a problem for you too? Because everything else you’re doing won’t work if what you’re selling doesn’t provide an opportunity. So new goal – we want to make it a new opportunity and I promise you, it will appeal to a much larger audience.

It’s also really important that we have a new opportunity that people don’t have pain associated with already. For example, let’s say you’ve already tried every diet under the sun, but then you see this ‘Keto OS’ video, (which by the way is very, very clever), and you think, “Well, it’s actually not just about another diet. It’s something completely different. It is about putting my body into ketosis without having to do all the exercise to get my body into ketosis. A completely different opportunity!

Keto OS Video:

If I think about it, I put the powder in glass, give it a stir, drink it and see how it goes. So it becomes a new opportunity rather than a better diet or a better morning boot camp.

Because I think a lot of people have got pain associated with the ‘ers’ of offers, so the “betters, fitters, fasters, happiers and smarters”. I can’t tell you how important this one is if you’re selling any kind of info product.

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