Why Put Your Focus on Digital Marketing?

We now live in a time of ‘The Digital Age’.  Old school medias such as newspapers, TV advertising and the Yellow pages are quickly being surpassed and replaced by modern, faster and better advertising and exposure mechanisms such as Google Search, Display, Shopping, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Amazon, Facebook Advertising, Remarketing and Banner Advertising, Instagram, Linked In and much, much more.

These Digital Marketing tools allow you as a business owner to put your marketing message in front of your exact target market in a more granular and scientific way than was ever previously possible.  You can now track and measure your advertising spend and Return on Investment (ROI) with great efficiency to allow you to scale efficiently by ‘running your winners long and cutting your losers short’.

Online marketing and advertising is without a doubt the most efficient way for most businesses to cost effectively get new leads, calls and sales in 2018 and beyond.

If you’re a small to medium business looking for rapid growth from online channels, then it certainly pays to engage a Digital Marketing Coach. But what can be even more powerful is if you combine the coach with a Mastermind environment.

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is a business coaching group made up of business owners and entrepreneurs that meet in person several times throughout the year to review, pick apart and design strategies for your business. The Mastermind meetups vary from anywhere from 3 times per year to 6 times per year, depending on the Mastermind model.

During the Mastermind sessions, each business gets the opportunity to voice what their biggest problem is right now and ask the group their advice on how best to tackle their issue. Alternatively a business owner may choose to focus on their biggest opportunity right now and get advice from the group on how best to exploit it to its fullest.

The Mastermind functions as a ‘round table’ discussion style set up in many cases so Business owners will spend a portion of the day focusing on their business, and another portion of time helping to mastermind the other business’s in the room. What they stand to gain from the one session on their business is invaluable. That’s were the power of the Mastermind comes in.

 The Power of the Mastermind refers to the collective intelligence you have in the room all available to review your business. You have many businesses, all from different industry’s with different skill sets and knowledge to you.

These business owners offer different input and experience on the variety of issues you need to tackle. In many cases, there will be businesses who have already done exactly what you need to do, or have run into the same problem and found a solution or have a proven strategy that they can share with you. The collective intelligence of the Mastermind is far greater than any one coach, who has worked with hundreds of businesses. It’s far more powerful because of the discussion, and trains of thought it provokes in all who are in attendance.

The Mastermind is always led by an expert Business and Marketing Strategist who ties up and summarises each individual session so that the business owner is left with a clear plan of strategies and tactics to implement in order to tackle their biggest problem they need to solve.

Sometimes the most valuable insights come from helping others in their business due to the concept of ‘lag time’ where you can take ideas and concepts that are working in one business or industry and apply them to a completely different business or industry for a reproducible result.

Joint Ventures (JV’s) are an exciting component of masterminds.  You have a room that is not only full of business owners from different industry’s but also complimentary industry’s who you can set up JV’s with. Having been a member of a high level Mastermind group in the U.S and leading one myself in Australia, I have seen first hand, some of the best JV deals happen over dinner and drinks following the Mastermind.

You may be wondering if a Mastermind environment is for you…

It’s for you if you have a genuine drive for wanting to grow your business and invest in your time and knowledge to do so.

It’s for you if you’re interested in meeting and networking with other business owners and finding out what has worked for them.

It’s not for you if you are just looking for an agency to come up with a strategy and implement it for you.

A mastermind is a team environment that thrives on a sense of camaraderie of it’s members and everyone who is part of the group wants to succeed and see the other members succeed. Of course, it’s any business owners’ first priority to be concerned with ‘what’s in it for me’ and want to use their time wisely. You should not feel as though you have wasted your time attending a Mastermind. The value you get from the collective intelligence of the Mastermind group will equal or out way what you have given back to the group.

You get out what you put in.

You can think of a Mastermind as scheduled time to actually work ‘on your business’ instead of ‘in your business’ which unfortunately many business owners fall prey to. Not having time to work on your business, does not allow you to grow it. A Mastermind is like a working meeting on your business and you will leave with an action plan to help overcome and solve those current issues you have been stuck on.

The Collective Digital Marketing Mastermind members get access to leading business coach and Digital Marketing Profit Strategist Greg Cassar as well as Mastermind sessions 4 times per year.