The reality is if you get ‘Out of Date’ information in this Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) space, then it can really damage your business. When I was looking at a presenter to talk about SEO at the first Digital Marketing Summit, It was crucial I engaged an authority who is leading in this space in the country and who is keeping up to date with the latest information.

David Jenyns, director at Melbourne SEO services came to mind straight away and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

In this hour long comprehensive video you will learn modern SEO; authority content; what it is; how to create it; and how to syndicate it. These strategies should form the cornerstone of your modern SEO strategy.  Dave is going to be speaking again this year at the Digital Marketing Summit in Sydney in October,  so grab your ticket and find out whats changed recently and what’s to come next in this space.

Here’s the highlights: 

The game has changed (the holly grail of your marketing?) [3:09]

How to stay ahead of the Google game [7:39]

Authorship and Author Rank [11.44]

Quality ranking and how it works on websites [14:14]

What is modern SEO? (brand new framework) [15.40]

How to fix your website (technical elements for modern SEO optimisation) [18:45]

On page SEO [23:29]

Off page optimisation [29.42]

Zero Moment Of Truth [32:00]

How do you stack up? [32:48]

Content marketing and authority content [33:39]

Sharing your content [40:20]

Results possible with a good content marketing strategy [47:18]

Good SEO Vs bad SEO [54.40]

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We’d love to know your thoughts and what is working for you in this space. How are you doing content marketing and modern SEO?