2-best-traffic-sources So as a Business Owner which are the best traffic sources to drive traffic to your businesses website in 2014?

From many years running a marketing agency across multiple industry verticals and managing over $5 million in ad spend in recent years we can advise with great authority that the 2 best traffic sources for business owners in 2014 are Google and Facebook.

Both these traffic sources are effective but in different ways.    In simple terms Google is like the modern version of the yellow pages (as people going there to search for problem or solution) and Facebook is like a coffee shop (as people going there to hang out and see what is happening with their friends).

The quality of leads that you get from Google as a general rule will be better than the leads you get from Facebook.  The reason why is because these people from Google have ‘buying intent’ because they already searched for the problem or solution that you provide/solve.

Facebook is a ‘disruption media’ meaning that these people are not actively searching for what you do/offer.  Your advertising and message needs to catch their attention with your headline or image and then the sales copy of your post or ad needs to sell the click.  Because these people were not actively searching for what it is that you are offering they will not convert to leads and sales as well as search.

The amazing thing about Facebook though is that you can laser target in on your target markets demographic such as age, sex, interests and now even how much they earn.  Its because of this ability to laser target your market so well that Facebook is the other main traffic source for business owners in 2014.

There is no shortage of traffic sources for business owners, but these Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are without a doubt the first and best place to start.