Have You Truly Harnessed The Power Of These 3 Sales and Marketing Levers In Your Business?

Lever 1: Traffic & Visibility

Traffic and Visibility really comes down to the fact that there are two main ways people get found these days; Google and Facebook. These two channels are so important in the overall internet ecosystem. I won’t dig deep into those here, because individually they are massive online machines that need more then a paragraph each to explain.

Website Traffic

I will say this though, what they allow you to do from a Search and Display point of view, also from a targeting point of view is incredible and I’d encourage you to go back and look at some blogs I’ve written that dive deep into traffic and visibility. For more insight, check out those blogs here: Part 1 and Part Two. 

Lever 2: Increased Leads

I love this one, and this is usually one that we look at first because increasing leads can have a dramatic effect on a business. We say, “Leads equals power.” What we’ve found is, as you add more lead flow into the business, the business can make better decisions.

Sales Leads Slot Machine Dial Word New Customers

They can price better, they can also decide, you know, which clients they want to work with and which clients they don’t. And that can save a whole bunch of money hassles, time hassles, and even just happiness of your team, that kind of thing. So…and obviously, as you double the number of leads, in theory, you’ll double the number of sales, you know, all things remaining equal.

There’s two main ways that you can get leads. One is with marketing funnels and the other one is with leads from direct, to calls, to action off your sites.

Lever 3: Increase Brand, Trust & Authority

I’ve always been a direct response marketing guy myself, and I didn’t really put a lot of thought into brand, except for in recent years. I was always about how can I spend X to get Y, which is at direct response marketing and at the other part of direct response marketing is emotional direct response marketing where you’re using emotion to get people to take responses, because as you know, people buy based on emotion and then justify with logic.

So, direct reponse marketing is massive but, branding and direct response marketing are now merging together. Platforms like Facebook are sorta pushing this where they don’t want all your messages hard sell, hard sell, hard sell. They want you to be putting out positive messages into the marketplace.


So, building a brand is about building that concept of singularity, you know, for your product, your service or yourself, you know, even you are a brand. So what identifies you as unique? And once you know branding and once you get more in depth into it and once you get to a more advanced level, there’s also a thing called intrinsic value. And, what intrinsic value is talking about is, how can you value within your brand so that you can charge more for your products or services than everyone else because the market believes it’s worth more. And you think about a luxury, you know, handbag brand like an Oroton or something like that. They’ve built intrinsic value, you know, into their brand.

So, this whole branding and direct response is a massive, massive area together and what if you get this right, what it can make the difference of is instead of you having to sell all the time, it’s really about people wanting to buy from you rather than you selling all the time. So, it’s not really a lever people think about but it’s just so, so powerful, and it has a flow on effect on so many other things.